Backyard Dungeon 11
Backyard Dungeon 11
Backyard Dungeon 11

Backyard Dungeon 11

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A year ago, I was just a college grad trying to make enough money to live. Then I inherited a trailer, a small plot of land, and a whole underground world hidden in my backyard.

Now, I’m a hero of the Gloom, with more titles than I know what to do with, and on the surface world, I own half the cul-de-sac and am in the process of starting a business.

And I’m about to become a father.

Almost everything is perfect, but minions of the Deeper Dark keep crawling up through the cracks and into the Gloom, and it’s my job to hold back the tide.

No pressure.

Narration By: Alyssa Poon and Evan Jordan
Duration: 7 Hours, 10 Minutes

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