Arena Road: A Reverse Portal Fantasy
Arena Road: A Reverse Portal Fantasy

Arena Road: A Reverse Portal Fantasy

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I became a trucker to bring some travel and adventure into my days, but I never expected my classic rig would change my life so entirely.

Then old Spitfire drove us through a mysterious portal to a cutthroat and perilous world. Here, women warriors are owned by backers and pitted against one another in high-stakes arenas, and they’re not just fighting for glory.

They’re fighting for lots and lots of riches.

The only way to get my hands on my fair share is to duel a backer, kill him, and gain all his women warriors and possessions.

But that’s just the beginning.

These fierce women need a caring man who can turn them into legends and give them the best weapons money can buy.

So it’s time to train my fighters back on Earth, equip them with the best weapons I can buy, unleash them in the arenas, and get rich doing it.

And if they all want to become my lovers during the process, I’ll gladly accept.

Narration by: Evan Jordan, Sierra Taft
Length: 13 Hours, 53 Minutes

Paperback Page Count: 504

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