Brew Master 2

Brew Master 2

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Tyler King’s first beer, King’s Brew was a huge success, but not everybody in the idyllic fantasy village of Hagop is happy about it. The King of Rothbart is none-too-pleased to find out that a lowly human brewer has “stolen” the use of the royal title for his beer, and, to avoid terrible trouble, Tyler is going to have to make a brand new beer for the king and his royal court, the likes of which nobody there has ever tasted.

Meanwhile, Tyler urgently needs to expand his operation out of the Inn and into a true brewing facility where he can ensure every batch is identical. But it’s easier said than done, since no self-respecting dwarf will sell Tyler his brewery, and no elf vintner will want a human moving into the neighborhood and lowering property values.

Tyler and his beautiful lovers, along with his clever sidekick Babble the Gnome, will have to outsmart and outmaneuver everyone to get a proper brewery if he’s going to meet the king’s challenge and brew the perfect beer.

Narration by: Brian Kozak, Charlie K. James
Length: 8 Hours, 32 Minutes

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