Cannibal Country

Cannibal Country

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The virus hit three years ago.

It rendered most of the human race unable to digest any protein, and people began to die off in droves… until the PharmA Corporation made a hideous discovery: they could still digest meat if the victim was part of the small portion of humanity that was immune to the virus.

PharmA and their “rations” stabilized society from collapsing completely, but at an untold cost: an industrial scale human farming operation to provide human flesh to the masses. Even worse, the virus gave the infected a hideous side effect: superhuman strength, speed, and toughness.

I was one of the immune ones, but I was riding all this out on my cattle ranch in the country, safely ignored by the rest of humanity. Unfortunately, trouble managed to find me, and now I’m drawn into a war against people who want to eat me and my loved ones.

Narration By: Brian Kozak, Charlie K James
Duration: 7 Hours, 43 Minutes

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