Court of the Shifter 8

Court of the Shifter 8

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Ever since I fell through a portal and arrived in this magical fantasy land, I’ve had my work cut out for me. I’ve embraced my role as the Ulvant, the prophesied savior of this world, and I’ve traveled the realms to help where I could. I’ve managed to stabilize and tentatively unite the kingdoms of Vosreterra, Shyfeterran, Faetyran, and the Elvarian League of Forests.

But Malonet, the vampire sorcerer who has made many attempts on my life, is still out there.

And now I believe he’s hiding out in the abandoned dwarven kingdom.

It’s time for the Ulvant to put an end to the sorcerer’s evil.

Narration by: Brian Kozak, Charlie K. James
Length: 11 Hours, 12 Minutes

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