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Gun Mage 2: Surviving a Post Apocalyptic Magic Earth

Gun Mage 2: Surviving a Post Apocalyptic Magic Earth

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We escaped from New York City, but the mages are still hot on our heels. We’re heading west, to see a man about a gun.

Actually, a lot of guns.

Any gun I touch I can summon back, so I need to grow my arsenal to have a chance to fend off our pursuers and make it to the west coast. Unfortunately, we’ll have to traverse miles mutant-infested wilderness to get to our contact, and even if we make it through the mutant lands, the mages could easily be waiting for us on the other side.

I’m definitely gonna need a lot of guns.

Narration by: Alex Perone, Marissa Parness
Length: 7 Hours, 53 Minutes

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