Kane's Fate: Weretiger Legend of Meloria Academy

Kane's Fate: Weretiger Legend of Meloria Academy

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Growing up, I feared I was going to be the only non-magical person in my family.
Then I finally activated, but I didn’t turn into a charmer like my parents or brother.
I turned a white tiger shifter.

Unexpected, but at least I would be able to attend Meloria Academy, the magical institution my entire family graduated from.

Then I learned that not only am I the only white tiger shifter in centuries, but there’s also a prophecy about me saving the entire world, and a combination of my magic and destiny has made me… appealing to every single woman at school, and they can’t seem to keep their hands off me.

It’s going to be a crazy first semester.

Narration by: Robert L. Bradvica, Alyssa Poon
Length: 7 Hours, 38 Minutes

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