Kill Monsters, Get Rich 4
Kill Monsters, Get Rich 4

Kill Monsters, Get Rich 4

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After saving the resident lycanthrope population of LA from a vengeful ghost, my monster hunting team and I thought we would have some time off while we move into a new house.

But then Kylah’s estranged faerie mother contacts her and asks for help. Apparently, Kylah’s half-brother has been accused of murdering a fellow noble faerie. And soon, the Seelie Queen is going to execute him… or worse.

So now my team and I have to travel to the faerie realm, prove a man’s innocence, and find the real killer.

All without getting trapped in the Seelie Court forever.

Narration by: Christopher Boucher, Jessica Threet
Length: 9 Hours, 11 Minutes

Paperback Page Count: 285

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