Monster Girl Mayhem 2

Monster Girl Mayhem 2

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On the run, in a stolen Lyfetech van, with two deadly and beautiful monster girls, and a deadly and not-so-beautiful mutated best friend, Doug is in big trouble.
He has the machine to create the serum to make more mutants, and Dr. Lyfe will stop at nothing to get it back. Lyfe’s plan consists of sending teams of highly trains ex-special forces assassins, attack helicopters, and raging, mindless mutant animals at them until they die.
Doug’s counter plan consists of finding Lyfe’s old partner and hoping the disgraced scientist can help them.
But if Doug, Ray, Mei, and Charlotte are going to escape Lyfe’s clutches, it will depend on Doug using all his scientific genius to modify the serum to turn himself into the ultimate weapon.

Narration by: JD Tanner, C.C. Thompson
Length: 7 Hours, 12 Minutes

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